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The Clearwater Housing Authority (CHA) likes to keep the public informed on the latest news with CHA and the housing industry. We know information is important, therefore we encourage you to read the articles below and hope you not only find them helpful but enjoyable. Whether you are searching for a place to call home, gathering information for a friend, or are simply curious about our programs, we hope that this website will be helpful. If you would like to read our latest landlord newsletter, please click here.

IMPORTANT LANDLORD INFORMATION: CHA Converting to Direct Deposit for HAP Payments!

In an effort to continue streamlining processes for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program, Clearwater Housing Authority (CHA) will be converting Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) to owners, landlords, and Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) from paper checks to Direct Deposit.   CHA highly suggests for all of our owners and landlords to register now to begin facilitating the transition.  For more information regarding how to sign up for direct deposit, click here

CHA Highly Values Landlords
Clearwater Housing Authority (CHA) highly values Landlords who participate in conjunction with the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program.
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