What number am I on the Public Housing waiting list?

CHA does not disclose your position on the Public Housing waiting list.  However, you can confirm that you are currently active on the waiting list by accessing the HAB Owl system. This can be accessed through the “Helpful Links” tab on this website. Please keep in mind that it may take up to four (4) years to receive rental assistance once your application is posted to the waiting list.

I have already applied for CHA’s Public Housing waiting list, how long until I receive assistance?

It may take up to four (4) years to be pulled from the waiting list and receive assistance. This wait period depends on the amount of funding received from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Once pulled from the list, CHA will contact you via mail. Please make sure to submit, in writing, any changes in your address to CHA to ensure you receive this correspondence.

I am in need of rental assistance today, how can CHA help me?

CHA does not offer any emergency housing. However, you can download an Assistance Packet by clicking here. This assistance packet provides valuable information regarding emergency shelters, food pantries, clothing donations, or agencies that may be able to provide one-time assistance for rent or utility bills.