What are your hours of operation?

Our Procurement Office is open 8:00 am until 5:00 pm Monday – Friday, except major holidays.

How do I apply?

To become active in the CHA vendor/contractor pick system you need to fill out and meet the requirements stated in the Contractor/Vendor Application.

What types of insurances do I need and in what amount?

Please visit the Insurance/Bonding Requirements page for specific requirements.

I do not seem to be getting contacted for jobs. What can I do?
  1. Services for some of the specific categories in the CHA "pick system" are not utilized on a regular basis, you will be notified when your company is selected.
  2. Verify the information CHA has on your business is correct. Are your insurances and/or licenses current and on file at CHA? Did you select the appropriate work categories and dollar amounts on the application that you are capable of performing?

I verified my categories and insurances are correct in the CHA pick system, what else is there?

Make sure CHA has a valid fax number or email address and check these on a routine basis for solicitations from CHA.

By the time, I receive a solicitation from CHA the submission deadline has passed. Why didn’t you make an additional attempt to notify me of the opportunity?

Many times our solicitations have time limits, which are enforced. When we send the notice and when you receive it are not always the same time. Be aware of the primary means of communication that you have selected, fax or e-mail, and check it on a regular basis . WE DO NOT CALL FOR SOLICITATIONS

I finished a job last week for CHA, why haven't I received payment?

CHA standard payment terms are net 30 days from the receipt of an invoice, assuming that all requirements of the contract agreement are met. There are multiple steps to verify and approve that payment is in order for service. Please be aware of this term when accepting a contract with CHA.

How do I reach someone if I cannot find the answer that I am looking for on the web site?

Email the Procurement Office under the "Contact Us" section of this website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

My bid was rejected for not having the bid documents completed. Why would a missing signature affect a bid that should be determined by price?

The forms included a bid package are either required by HUD or State regulations or are intended to protect the interests of CHA. These forms are a requirement if you are interested in working with CHA. When completing bid paperwork be sure to review all necessary items, including signatures and notary requirements. Bids may be rejected for incomplete or missing documents.

Is there a cost for bid packages?

In most cases, there is no fee to obtain a bid package. A non-refundable bid deposit may be required to obtain a bid package on some larger construction projects. Please review the advertisement or solicitation to see if this is applicable. CHA will only accept a company check or money order. Cash, personal checks, or credit cards will not be accepted.

Why would I receive a letter stating that a bid solicitation was cancelled and no contract was awarded?

CHA may cancel or withdraw a solicitation in whole or in part at any time prior to an award for a variety of reasons. If you would like further information, you may request a copy of the justification of the cancelation.

Will CHA reimburse expenses associated with submitting a bid/proposal?

No, CHA is not responsible for any cost associated with submitting a bid or proposal, Samples quoted in a bid must be furnished at no expense to CHA.

CHA Field Staff has requested that I perform services at their site, but I do not have a signed contract or purchase order number. What should I do?

Orders shall not be accepted without an authorized purchase order. To do otherwise is at the Vendors/Contractors own risk.

I would like to provide lunch to a handful of CHA staff members to show appreciation of our business relationship, can I do this?

No, Vendors/Contractors shall not offer any gift or gratuity, in any form, to any CHA employee.